Something to consider is that nurses can be quite creative if they encounter a barrier to completing patient care. This is where workarounds come in to play. By nature, workarounds are not intended to be the final resolution for a broken process or workflow. Rather it is meant to fill )that gap until a situation can be permanently resolved (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2018). Let’s discuss the following:


  • What is a workaround? Identify a workaround (specific to technology used in a hospital setting) that you have used or perhaps seen someone else use, and analyze why you feel this risk-taking behavior was chosen over behavior that conforms to a safety culture. What are the risks? Are there benefits? Why or why not?


2.Discuss the current patient safety characteristics used by your current workplace or clinical site. Identify at least three aspects of your workplace or clinical environment that need to be changed with regard to patient safety (including confidentiality), and then suggest strategies for change.


Remember to provide at least two substantive posts in the discussion (approximately 200-250 words)

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