To prepare for this discussion forum, discuss the issue of vaccination safety with 2-3 adults. Ideally, you should choose persons from various age groups, e.g., 20 s, 40 s, 60+, etc. since each cohort has been exposed to different issues/perceptions related to vaccinations throughout the last several decades. Try to get an idea of how they perceive the issue and whether or not they have a strong viewpoint for or against vaccinations in general.

In a post of 150 – 175 words, summarize/synthesize the information that you gathered. In your post/discussion include such points as alternative perspectives, did the information echo either view from the readings; did you find differences in views based upon age; did you find your perspective change after talking with them; did argue with their points, etc. Be sure to identify your stance on the issue in your post!

APA 7th gen format with in text citations.

Reading material –

Five Important Reasons to Vaccinate Your Child | Vaccines

What is Herd Immunity and How Can We Achieve It With COVID-19? –

COVID-19 – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (

Why a few unvaccinated children are an even bigger threat than you think – The Washington Post

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