I have an assignment related to my research which is to write Procedure/Methodology section. Also, I attached a file that have more details to do the assignment.

Develop and submit the Procedure/Methodology sub-section of your research paper. In this sub-section of your research paper you should:

  • Clearly write out the specific procedure used to answer the problem. Include all
    information necessary to exactly replicate the study with respect to the procedure –
    detail description of each step used. The procedure should be clear enough for anyone to take your steps and replicate the project. If certain steps of the procedure would not be available to others to replicate the project, it should be noted here.
  • Explain any problems you had and any procedures you used to deal with these
    problems. Explain whether or not they were unavoidable.
  • Include information about any steps within the procedure that may include some
    special property that would make it impossible to generalize the results.
  • If you are performing an experiment, the following sample questions may apply:
    • If you are comparing two groups: Was a baseline obtained or were the groups equal at the start?
    • What are the independent variables? How were they measured?
    • What are the dependent variables? How were they measured?

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