I have two essays that need revision. My teacher already gave me feed back and told me what needed to be fixed it wont take a lot of time to do them.

Essay 1: My essay on the beggars opera needs to be in a different format I will send the format example.

Essay 2: Here is what my teacher said also about my pride and prejudice essay, “The writing here is excellent. You’ve done a valiant job of presenting all the evidence and arguments you could to support your assertion about Jane’s feminism, but ultimately, the facts that Jane wanted to marry for love, that she wanted to support her sister, and that she spoke her mind don’t seem to contradict prevalent notions of the time about virtue in women. The assertion that she felt women should have choice in marriage is more convincing than the other arguments, but overall, these arguments don’t demonstrate Jane as a strong feminist, though I believe you made a strong effort.”

.doc file

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