you should write a four page essay. You must refer to the covered readings. You may refer to other sources as well but make sure you include them in the references. You can borrow from your discussion posts but not copy paste the exact posts. Your paragraphs should be double-spaced.

questions I want answered:

  • How do Arabs see Arabic? What do you know about Arabic as a language?
  • How do men and women interact in Arab culture? What is the status of women in the Arab world? What is your personal opinion on that issue?
  • Arabs might have a different perspective on certain social formalities and etiquette. How do Arabs discuss business? How do they see time and appointments? How important is hospitality for Arabs?
  • What is the general social structure in the Arab countries? Can people change class?
  • Personal questions and sensitive subjects are different from one culture to the other. What are/aren’t considered personal questions for Arabs? What are/aren’t sensitive subjects for Arabs to discuss?

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