Two short paragraphs (APA format not needed for these answers and each answer can be 50-75 words) Please name this Word document Module 6 DQ’s:

You have multiple manufacturing computers that control the machinery to several assembly lines. The software for the assembly line controls rarely changes. The assembly lines cannot go down because of problem Windows updates or new features. What do you recommend?

You manage 40 essential servers that must run the best they can at all times. Describe the most efficient way to review key events on all 40 servers each day.


Two separate short questions that can be part of one document (You can also answer each question with about 75 words each, but must be in APA format)

The point assignment is setup as:

Title Page = 5 points

Proper Font = 5 points

Case Answers = 10 points

Title this document Module 6 Assignment 2:

Scenario 11-1

You support Richman Investments, a brokerage firm that employs 20 brokers. Each broker has his own client computer, and the firm has a server running Windows Server. All of the client computers are configured identically.

Over the past six months, some Windows updates have caused the computers to hang, leaving the brokers without computers to conduct business. How can you ensure that the Windows updates that install on client computers will not cause usability issues?

Scenario 12-1

You manage several file servers. Several times during the day, the file server performance degrades significantly. Describe how to troubleshoot the problem.

**Please do not use old book references. Only use online references if needed.

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