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In this Professional Experience assignment, you will write a 50 word, fully researched answer to a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) that you select.

  • Choose a frequently asked question from the list of questions in the FAQ document.
    • What role does ethics play in communication?
  • Write the best answer possible to the question. Make sure your answer is no fewer than 20 words and no more than 50 words; otherwise, your submission will not be eligible for credit.
    • Tip: Use the Word Count feature in Microsoft Word to get an accurate word count. Remember, citations and references do not count toward the word count.
  • Provide a viable, complete answer. You must provide a working hyperlink to the resource if applicable and cite your sources as appropriate:
    • If you use an outside source to complete your response, provide an SWS style in-text citation and a reference.
    • If you use the textbook to complete your response, include an SWS in-text citation (no reference is needed). Include the page number in the citation.

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