1. What caused the Stock Market Crash, when did it happen, and how did life in America change as a result?

2. Explain the role of American women during World War II and explain what happened to Japanese-born and Japanese-Americans during the war.

3. Why is Martin Luther King an important person in American History and why is Rosa Parks important? Brown v. Board of Education an important case?

4. Explain the significant historical events which occurred between 1989 to 2008 and explain how those events shaped the world we live in today.

Each answer must demonstrate that you understand the material and must include accurate names, dates, places and events. Each response should contain 3-4 paragraphs or more with about 4-6 detailed sentences in each paragraph. Use as many sentences as necessary to provide a complete response to each question. The responses must be totally your own and will be checked, so please avoid plagiarism. A reminder that even if it is not intentional, submitting plagiarized material will not be accepted.

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