Thesis statement: In the pandemic lasting nearly one year, many Gen-Z and their families lost their economic resources because of shelter in place and other laws and even had psychological problems, which affected their normal life.

Please note:

This paper serves as a final demonstration of everything you learned in this class. If your paper does not meet the minimum requirements below, it will receive an automatic F and will most likely result in a failing grade in the class.

Minimum requirements to be evaluated:

  • The paper must be at least 6 pages long, reaching the 6th page of text all the way to the bottom of the page (not including the works cited page), so at least 7 pages long.
  • The works cited list should include at least 7 citations for sources to support the parenthetical citations within your paper. You will be graded on the extent of your research, your description and critical analysis of the topic, the evidence you provide in support of your argument, and the clarity and quality of your writing.
  • You may only use 3 sources from the internet and they must be evaluated as credible sources.
  • All other sources must come from the Ohlone Library Databases and print sources.
  • You must have at least 5 quotes and 5 paraphrases with appropriate integration into your sentences.
  • Your parenthetical citations, works cited page, and formatting should adhere to the MLA rules established in the MLA Handbook or Owl Purdue Online Reference site.

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