Examine the Neo-Classical painting below by the painter Jacques Lois David. What is it about the vertical and horizontal overall compositional lines in Death of Socrates that help to define this painting by its unique period? Define composition? In other words how do the lines impact on the emotion and period in the composition, and how are they used? What about the edges of the figures in each painting? Really examine the contrast between the background color and the color on the edges of the figures and objects. Would you say that the edges are hard-edged or soft-edged? How does that impact on identifying the period? Also, focus on the use of color in this composition. Are the colors polychromatic or monochromatic? Explain. How does subject (meaning), and subject matter (the things in the painting) play an importance in this painting. Be brief on the last question. Remember, stylistic issues are important in identifying art by the particular period. (One page)

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