Prompt: In the past decade, social media have become a primary method of socialization. Young people—and the adults around them—spend hours each day socializing online with friends, acquaintances, and total strangers.
Articulate a position on the value (good or bad) of social media as a method of socializing others toward common values. Include a discussion of call-out and/or cancel culture as part of your argument.

I just need 1-2 Paragraphs of Definition (use the Bedford Reader example to see how it is done), 1-2 Paragraphs of Process Analysis (use Bedford Reader excerpt again). 1-2 Paragraphs of Classification and Division (Bedford Reader Excerpt). Use a Pop Art/Contemporary source to base the cancel culture argument off of, for example: Trisha Paytas.

Basically, explain cancel culture within modern times, but use the 3 different ways of arguments: Process Analysis, Definition, Classification and Division.

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