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We are using Case #3: “Bayer Crop Science” for this discussion. Find it in your packet or at the Harvard site.

“Bayer Crop Science”, David E. Bell, Damien McLoughlin, Natalie Kindred and James Barnett. Harvard Business School, January 30, 2020. 26 p. Item # 9-520-055.


You will see that I have started a new post and put in a question(s) to start off the conversation. The questions are noted below as well.

Think through your response to the question. Use the details in the case as well as the concepts, tools and frameworks we are discussing in class to compose your response. Be sure that you are providing not only an answer to the question, but supporting that answer with details from the case, just as if I was to ask you “how did you get to that conclusion from the material in the case”.

As a reminder — compose your original post in WORD and save it. Then copy/paste into Canvas. Do not risk writing a beautiful discussion post in Canvas and having the system time out before you get to post it…….

As a guideline on length:

Your own post: No less than the equivalent of one single-spaced page, or four to five paragraphs.

Responses: Typically, one or two paragraphs and include more than broad “I agree” statements. Demonstrate you have read the post, thought about it, and put in something that is akin to a conversation – follow-up questions, your own experience that is similar or differs, etc.


Liam Condon has just sent out the agenda for the quarterly management team meeting. It’s time to set strategic integration priorities for the next three years. Condon has asked that you come prepared with your assessment of the original strategic rationale for this transaction, your evaluation of how the firm has done so far and your recommendations on where investments should be made to realize the promise of the Bayer-Monsanto acquisition. How will shareholder value be created to cover the 15% premium that Bayer paid?

Condon has thrown out a few options for you to consider, so evaluate those and recommend which should be implemented and how, but feel free to add others as well. How can adoption of Climate’s platform be increased? Should operations and structure be further combined? What has to be done to complete and leverage the digitization of R&D? How can consumer and farmer trust be improved to meet the food supply needs of the future? And what should Bayer do about the lawsuits still outstanding?

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