It is finals review week and ED20i is now ending. We’d like to say that it was a great pleasure sharing this unexpected experience with each and every one of you. We understand that it is difficult to connect with your UCSB Gaucho community while in a space away from campus but we also hope you can begin to understand the demands of a university academic life. In person teaching is always our preferred way to connect with our incoming international students but as we all know this year was an extraordinary year and we still have more to come before we return to what we miss…a full functioning UCSB campus experience. We truly hope you keep doing your best to achieve your academic accomplishments and we encourage you to take serious consideration of the topics we presented in ED20i. These topics are critical to your academic success and though this online experience is not the preferred way of introducing such essential topics we hope that you are able to remember at least a portion of what was presented. Remember, though this course is coming to an end we are here to help you along the pathway to academic success. Please stay in touch.


ED20i Instruction Team


Congratulations on nearing the completion of your first quarter of study at a US Higher Education University! As we near the end of the quarter, we are asking you to reflect on content and your experiences in taking the ED 20I written exam.

The purpose of ED 20I is to introduce international students to the US higher education system with a specific focus on the expectations of academic writing and the use of critical thinking skills to understand and apply essential information provided during the course in your personal development and academic success at UCSB.

In what ways has ED 20I helped or not helped you achieve its purpose?

Select ONLY ONE topic to write a short paper.

Topic A.

Discuss your own personal experiences and feelings about the content of the course and how you would apply what you learned during your academic career at UCSB.

Topic B.

Think back on the topics we explored throughout this course. Choose one topic and explain how you will use what you learned about the topic and how you will apply it during your academic career at UCSB.


  • APA formatting
  • Title Page
  • Reference Page
  • In text citations (minimum 2)
  • 3 sources from the course
  • No page limit but include page numbers

Note: This is not a summary writing assignment of ED 20I. You must reference different sources from the course in order to explain whether the course has impacted how you plan to achieve academic success at UCSB.

Overall, this paper is focusing on the evaluation of the following:

  • Your ability to use APA formatting
  • Your understanding of course content
  • Your personal experience of taking ED 20I

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