This week our discussions will center on beginning to outline a basic business plan for a program or service in your organizations. The program or service can be from an existing program or service you have been working on OR a new program or service. You may use the same idea that the budget was developed from in an earlier lesson. Please use an outline format with bullet points vs. narrative text.

  • Briefly describe the program or service
  • Define each element of the program or service and associated program or service goals, tell if the goals are long term or short term. Remember to use bullet points for this discussion
  • Briefly describe the overall industry associated with the program or service and provide a brief justification or rationale for the program or service
  • Provide a brief summary of the specific market and competition related to program or service

The information in these discussions is meant to spur thinking about a much more detailed business plan due in the coming lessons. In your peer replies, evaluate the justification or rationale for the proposed project your classmate has posted and comment on the need for such a program or service based on the literature and/or your experiences.

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