Burpie, Push-up, Jump is a great workout to assess your fitness level. I am certain that by completing your assignments and workouts for this course you are in better shape than earlier in the semester. I would recommend this drill as a “change of pace” drill for your workouts or if you do not have a lot of time to do a complete 25 minute workout. I like to do 50 repetitions of this drill. You can break this drill down into segments: 10 repetitions, 30 second break, 10 repetitions, etc. By doing this break down, you can complete this drill in approximately 10 minutes.

Please refer to the YouTube page link below. This describes how to complete this drill.

Link (Links to an external site.)

This is an advance conditioning drill that I would like you to try. In the linked video I demonstrate ONE repetition of this exercise. The exercise is to complete:

  1. a burpie
  2. a push-up
  3. stand and jump

By completing all three skills in a row, you have finished one repetition. This is an excellent exercise that can be done in your house or outside. You can do 5 or 10 repetitions in a row, take a break, and start another set of 5 or 10 repetitions.

Your assignment is to see how many burpie/push-up/jumps you can do in 1 minute. Also, I would like to know how many you can complete in a row without a rest. Please let me know your best scores this week.

You can use this exercise in your weekly exercise log. I like to complete 50 repetitions which take approximately 10 minutes if you include rest breaks.

Your assignment is to complete Burpie, Push-up, Jump workout this week. I want you to give me feedback on what you thought about this Burpie, Push-up, Jump routine. Simply cut and paste these questions and attach your answers.

How many “burpie, push-ups, jumps” did you complete in 1 minute?

How many “burpie, push-ups, jumps” could you do in a row without a rest?

Do you feel this was difficult, moderate or easy to complete?

Which part of the drill was difficult for you?

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