1. Please read the attachment carefully, which contains the requirements and important knowledge points for the essay. These must be related or quoted in the article.

2. The focus must be on television history, not just social or racial issues. Check out the suggestions in the sample article (Final Essay Example and peer view).

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please Pay Attention Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One TV show is selected, Beaula The Waltz(1952), which you already knew about this TV play in the last assignment. You have to find a post-1970 television show by yourself. TV show only! After 1970! Then you can compare and analyze it with the Beaula show.

It’s up to you which two constructs and one critical frame to choose. (check the requirement picture) You must list the 2 constructs and 1 critical on the title page, anywhere, and I’ll show them in another section later myself.

For example:

2 constructs: 1) creative endeavors, 2) cultural artifacts.

1 critical frame: Representations of class, gender, race, region, sexuality, and gender identity;


A note about 3C in TV history from TA:

Conformity has to deal with social norms or socializing norms. It means that American television demonstrates and promotes a way of being that is idealized as the “norm”. The images that we are given through TV persuade or encourage us to follow specific ideas and myths about the “American Dream,” forcing us to assimilate to ways of being in the world that are linked to making Americans ideal consumers of capitalism. Another way of thinking about this is that American television is concerned with getting viewers to ascribe or subscribe to the ideals within a set of social practices (think of this as a check box that “you” as the American consumer are checking). Conformity builds “myths” about how to live and the idea of the American dream.

Containment, on the other hand, is concerned with keeping American audiences within the parameters of being the ideal consumer. This has to do with appealing to quelling fears and phobias, to providing solutions for life in ways that control audiences to conforming to the ideals promoted through television. Think of containment as the pressure and forces convincing “you” to stay within the check box.


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