Remember you are to complete the question/activity but also comment on a peer’s post to receive full credit.


After reading chapter 5 complete the following questions and activity.

Using Lerner’s ideas on various styles of managing anger, think of an important relationship to you. Rate yourself from 1-10 on each “style of dance”, 1 being low and 10 high. After reflecting on these numbers, do you feel that you are handling conflict in the relationship appropriately? Why or why not? How can you improve how you navigate conflict?

please REPLY a comment on this :

Pursuers- 8 I feel that communication is key in any relationship and without it, things can fall apart easily. I always want people that I am in relationships with to know that it is important for them to communicate when something is off rather than shutting down.

Distancer-2 I find myself showing vulberability and dependancy when I gain trust in a relationship. I am not afraid to let someone I can close with know that I need help or that I am having a hard time. No one should have to do life alone!

Underfunctioner-1 I for the most part consider myself to be very organized in several areas of my life. I also am not afraid to show my strength or competancy to my boyfriend either.

Overfunctioner-5 I would say that I am very quick to help others out but I do not stuggle to show my vulnerable side in a trusting relationship.

Blamers-1 I never resort to combative or intensy emotions when things go wrong. I have learned that this solves nothing and that communication is the key to a successful relationship.

I feel that I have a pretty good grasp on handling relationships properly. I also keep in mind that communication will help the relationship thrive because it is better to talk things out than to get angry and shut down. I am not afraid to show my vulnerable side when I trust someone and am always willing to be there and give advice for others.

One way that I could improve in navigating conflict is getting better at showing empathy, putting myself in the other persons shoes when their is conflict. I can do a better job of understanding certain situations that may arise and to keep an open mind.

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