Part A: Considering the challenges addressed in chapters 8 and 9 in addition to reflecting on your own observations and life experience, what do you consider to be some of the greatest issues that parents face today?

Our book presents many of them and you are not limited to this; you may bring up any challenges that you see that you want to bring up in this discussion and do your best to make course connections to these insights.

Part B: Now on the flip-side, what do you see as the strengths among today’s parents and 21st-century child-rearing based on the chapter readings in addition to your own observations/experience? In short, what are today’s parents doing well regarding raising their children?

Once again the book does mention and discusses a few but again, you are not limited to these alone and may share your views as well.

Remember course application is important and needed when responding to these questions.

I do realize our text provides plenty of discussion regarding the difficulties but they do note positive changes and trends taking place too 🙂 Do your best to give fairly equal discussion to both parts because they both carry equal weight. For example: do not discuss 3 challenges and then only 1 strength.

Please note: I find most students discuss the challenges in greater length and with more examples and tend to be brief and more generic when it comes to the strengths…not sure why–haha!

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