Assignment Purpose: The purpose of the assignment is for you to critically appraise one (1) published research paper.

This is an opportunity for you to practice appraising research studies so that you are well-positioned to appraise the research evidence that supports your EBP project.

The published research paper has been selected by the course faculty. All students will critically appraise the SAME PAPER (click on this link to access the paper by Crump et al, 2016) .

The critical appraisal will be guided by the Johns Hopkins Evidence Level and Quality Rating System. You will use the provided Johns Hopkins (JH) Evidence Level and Quality Rating Worksheets for Research form for the appraisal to assign an evidence level and overall quality rating for the paper. Be sure that on page 3 you not only fill in the check box of Yes or No, but you will need to provide evidence of how you determined that answer. I want to make sure you truly understand the research and critique points so that you can go on to critique other articles for the capstone. To show the evidence, please use a PDF or your article and comment boxes can be used to point out important information relative to the critique. AN EXAMPLE – For the question, “Was the purpose of the study clearly reported?”—If you said yes, then a comment box will appear at the point in the article that identifies the purpose).

At the top of the Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP Evidence Appraisal Tools you must indicate a summary Level of Evidence (I, II, or III) and Quality Rating (A, B, C) for the article.

Use the Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt form to guide your quality appraisal rating. All forms for this assignment are included in this page as links. Feedback of your critical appraisal will be provided by the professor. This assignment is intended to help you gain confidence in your critical appraisal skills.

Assignment Guidelines:

  1. YOU WILL SUBMIT TWO ASSIGNMENT DOCUMENTS for a complete assignment submission: (1) JHNEBP Level of Evidence and Quality Rating Form; and (2) Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt Rapid Critical Appraisal Form.
  2. Please be sure to name your Critical Appraisal assignment files in the following format: For example: Dorn_Lorah_JHNEBP_FORM_9.1.14; Dorn_Lorah_RCA_FORM_9.1.14; Dorn_Lorah_ANNOTATEDPDF_9.1.14

Grading: This is a graded assignment. The assignment is worth 10pts. Scholarly work is expected; thus, up to 2 pts will be deducted for poor grammar, spelling, typos and/or APA errors. The following grading rubric will be used to evaluate the assignment:

Draft Critical Appraisal Grading Rubric

Level of Evidence and Quality Rating identified


All appraisal assessment completed correctly


Addresses assignment purpose (appraisal accuracy)


Follows assignment instructions


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