The theme will be:

I intend to conduct a study on cryptocurrencies with the help of several studies as well as a kind of survey that I will use. The questionnaire will consist of a number of questions that I will send to all my colleagues at my current job. Then it will be inserted as a common answer in my study. It will be about what people know when they hear the word cryptocurrencies, experiences, etc. I will create the survey in English because my colleagues do not speak any other language. Why I choose my work colleagues is because we as an organization are in a digitalisation phase of change. By that I mean that many slightly older machines are replaced by newer ones, for example. At work, there are different people with different technical understandings and that is exactly why I chose my workplace to clarify the differences and what it could possibly be due to.

In total, we are around more than 100 employees, of which different categories such as social educators, various vocational teachers and more There is an interesting variety of my candidates and I will select a little random from each category of employees. It will be about between 20 and 30 work colleagues who will be allowed to do this survey and through the data collected I will create a table, possibly also a chart that shows the number of percent in different categories.

I will mainly start from the users’ perspective and also from a security perspective. How safe is it? How can we know for sure? How do users feel? Who are the users? The method itself will target random.

But how else has it affected society today?

My thesis proposal focuses on the subject of cryptocurrencies and its influence on today’s society. My idea is to go into details about what it really means and its history of how it originated and other similar important factors that play a role in the development of cryptocurrency.

My interest in cryptocurrencies has been growing for some time. Nor is it something that goes unnoticed in society. You see how big it really is already and how big it is going to be and what a big part it will have in our lives in the future and for our society. I started a little on the web and checked out important facts and a lot of inside information. People have created a trust in cryptocurrencies and not least in Bitcoins, which are considered to be a kind of digital gold. The proposal will also be about what I as a student want to get out of this.

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