To decrease security risks of children as children kidnapping and playing with dangerous things (electricity or gas) by designing an Arduino based Wristwatch to help parents/guardians for monitoring their children.

Report Structure:

A critical study report of the project work undertaken and done during RM stage has to be presented in this coursework and shall be called the critical study report. This report should have a clear start beginning with the introduction to the project and end at the pre-design stage. Information within submissions should also be logical and well grouped. Students are advised to follow the instructions given below to present the Critical Study Report. The word limit for the critical study report is 9000 words.

Critical Study Report should be structured and submitted in the order as given below:

1. 1st page – Details of the Project (as per template given in page 4)

2. Abstract

3. Table of contents

4. List of Figures

5. List of Tables

6. List of Symbols

7. Chapter 1: Introduction

8. Chapter 2: Literature review

9. Chapter 3: Data Analysis/ Pre-Design

10. Conclusion

11. Further work to be carried out in Technical Project.

12. Gantt Chart

13. References

14. Formal Project Proposal (Approved)

15. Project Risk Assessment form

*** Words count = 9000 words count.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** Previous sample has been uploaded in file named “Example”.

*** Note: I’ve uploaded file named “Report Idea” that has the whole idea of the report.

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