There is a high likelihood that such a crime occurs in a repetitive manner which means that if it occurred yesterday in the evening, the crime might be occurring again soon. As an analyst, such a pattern is vital when it comes to pinning the criminals down. The first tactical product that would be used is gunshot detection systems. This can be installed in the control cars if possible. Once the incident has occurred, the suspects can be tracked through assessing the map of the city so that to determine their potential hide outs.Automated license plate readers would also be effective whereby in case a care has been involved in a certain crime scene, it would be easy to track the criminals down through detecting and therefore tracking the pates. Drones can also be employed in tracking the plates so that ensure that the criminal is held accountable.The last vital device that I could use is the facial recognition software. In cities, there are several people with means that a suspect might hide within the large population. This can be solved through the use of the software. The software will detect what humans cannot detect hence alerting the expert on the location of the criminal. This would help in controlling crime within the district.


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As a crime analyst tasked to deter or reduce a series of burglaries in my district, I would have to utilize tactical products and implement them to the patrol officers so they can address this problem. The tactical products I could create that could be used by patrol officers are facial recognition software, license plate readers, gunshot detection systems, and drones. These would all allow patrol officers to detect and respond to burglaries in an effective way. According to Santos & Taylor (2014), Facial recognition software focuses on improving public safety, noninvasive identity verification, and aids law enforcement in identifying potential suspects. This product can reduce burglaries as it acts as a deterrent for potential burglars because they know if they commit the crime that law enforcement will be working towards identifying them through this software. License plate readers along with surveillance throughout the city can track burglars as they flee the crime scene. Law enforcement can use that information to find them later at their house or any area that is linked to that license plate. The gunshot detection system would be used in the most serious burglaries that use weapons. Law enforcement could track the weapons to get more information about them and connect it to the suspects to create a better criminal case. Drones provide good surveillance for law enforcement because they have the ability to track people, places, and things that law enforcement couldn’t (Santos & Taylor, 2014). Drones could be implemented in these hotspot areas of burglaries to identify trends and a suspect profile. This allows law enforcement to predict burglary crimes and respond efficiently when one is in progress.


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As patrol officers, sometimes the information that crime analysts provide can be beneficial to creating a short-term plan of dealing with a certain offense in that particular beat, which can sometimes be referred to as tactical crime analysis. According to Boba Santos in the textbook Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping, “tactical crime analysis is the analysis of police data directed toward the short-term development of patrol and investigative priorities and deployment of resources” (2017, p. 258). There are several types of potential crime analysis products that a crime analyst could put together for a patrol unit to specifically keep an eye out for burglaries occurring in their area, but the most helpful would be a repeat incident location report, compiled of data from repeat incidents and crime reports (Boba Santos, 2017, p. 261). This type of product could be helpful to patrol officers for the simple fact that it would provide a narrower search area of where many of the burglaries had been occurring over the past several months. It would further provide information such as method of entry, description of targeted items, general description of suspect, even a pattern of times of occurrence. From a patrol perspective, understanding where the suspects have been targeting recently will allow a narrower search area, as well as having an understanding of what time the offense has been committed can provide an opportunity to stakeout several areas and keep an eye out for the suspect. Having an understanding of what specifically is being targeted, whether it be houses or businesses, can also guide the search to an even narrower proximity.


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