A syllabus is a document that outlines everything that will be covered in class. Each class will have its own syllabus. It’s important to read the syllabi so you know what is expected of you in each class.

This class (Coun 120-7157) is a 3-unit short-term course that is fully online. Since this is a short-term 8-week course, we will be covering material in a faster pace. I also understand that this past year has been challenging, so I want to provide you with flexible options to complete and submit assignments. With that in mind, I have broken up this class into two sections: the first 4 weeks which consists of Modules 1-4 and the second 4 weeks which consists of Modules 5-8 plus the Final project. So technically speaking there are only two due dates in this class (i.e., the end of week 4 and the end of week 8). However -and this is a BIG however- I do not recommend that you wait to submit the assignments just before the due date, because the work will add up quickly and become overwhelming, and you won’t be able to obtain feedback to help improve your grade. Furthermore, all the modules for the first section of class (i.e., Modules 1-4) will all be available to you at the same time, so you have the option to get ahead and complete assignments early. The absolute best way to stay on track with the course is to complete one module each week. Again, I highly recommend that you complete one module each week.

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