Each student will complete ABC data on the challenging behavior of two hypothetical students. Using that data, students will identify the probable function of the behavior and write a behavioral hypothesis statement. Detailed instructions on the assignment will be provided on Canvas.

Complete this assignment by recalling past experiences, or make-up hypothetical scenarios to use. On the off chance you’re still working with children directly, try to collect actual data.

this is what is needed :

  1. Program and Classroom Description (3 points)
    1. Briefly describe the program (i.e., school), and classroom. Include the age groups served, the number of students and the number and role of support staff. Add anything else that makes the program special.
  1. Behavioral Hypotheses (12 points, 6 points each)
    1. Provide behavioral hypotheses based on the ABC data for each child (2 total).
      1. Follow the formula and examples described in lecture slides on Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs).
      2. A behavioral hypothesis describes what generally happens with the target child, not a specific instance of challenging behavior. Because you only completed a short observation and might only have observed one instance of challenging behavior for each child, you might have to make some of this up based on your best guess.
  1. ABC Data Forms (20 points, 10 points each)
    1. Collect ABC data on the challenging behavior of 2 students during your observation(s). You must have at least 1 ABC data form for each student (2 total).
      1. Complete the chart with a way to identify each child (use pseudonyms, not real names.)
      2. Fill out setting events, antecedent, behavior, consequence, and probable function on the ABC data form.
        1. Use language that is observable and measurable. Avoid making guesses at the child’s intentions or feelings.
        2. Your probable function must be supported by the ABCs.
      3. Provide at least one ABC data form for each child. Multiple per child are preferable in establishing patterns of behavior; however, you may not witness multiple instances of challenging behavior for each child during your observation.

Everything that is needed is attached down below you must fill out what is required and be as detailed as possible, there is a template attached to use as an example of what is needed for this assignment and as well as a grading rubric.

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