Two short paragraphs (APA format not needed for these answers and each answer can be about 75 words) Please name this Word document Module 8 DQ’s:

How can you use the MMC to optimize monitoring and managing a small to medium size business consisting of anywhere from 10 to 50 Windows 10 PC’s and 2 to 5 servers running Server 2012 R2?

What features of Windows 10 make it an improvement over Windows 7 and Windows 8?


One separate short question that can be part of one document (You can also answer this question with about 75 word , but must be in APA format)

The point assignment is setup as:

Title Page = 5 points

Proper Font = 5 points

Case Answers = 10 points

Title this document Module 8 Assignment 2:

Scenario 15-1

You are an administrator at the Contoso Corporation. Equipment maintenance is performed a couple times a day; therefore, you need to close the Widget program and stop the three widget services. You also need to delete the temporary files used by the program. Explain how to simplify the startup and shutdown of the required components during the maintenance periods.

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