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Question 2: Explain the design principle of software Engineering.[10 pts.]

The design principle is the following, taken from pg. 295 section 6.2 of the textbook:

“Design principles are guidelines for decomposing our system’s required functionality and behavior into modules.”

While design itself, taken from pg. 224 section 5.1 of the textbook:

“Design is the creative process of figuring out how to implement all of the customer’s requirements; the resulting plan is also called the design.”

Design principles inform the design process at the individual level, when comparing specific modules of a system that is being designed. The textbook defines and discusses six principles. Taken from pg. 296, section 6.2:

“Modularity, interfaces, information hiding, incremental design, abstraction, and generality.”

Question 3:Describe the components and quality which are necessary for the documents of software

Specification.[10 pts.]

A requirement is, taken from pg. 143 section 4.1 of the textbook:

“An expression of desired behavior.”

While specification is, also taken from pg. 143 section 4.1 of the textbook:

“During the specification phase, we will decide which requirements will be fulfilled by our software system.”

These requirements must be gathered from the clients who want the software developed, though care must be taken to distinguish what they need from the software from what they say they want. Requirements can be split into functional (something the software must be able to do) and non-functional (a quality characteristic about some function of the software) requirements.

A software specification document must be correct and encompass everything the client asked for and not include anything the client did not ask for, the requirements within the document must be consistent and not conflict with each other, the requirements must be unambiguous, and the requirements must be feasible to design and create.


Question: Define the meaning of software quality and detail the factors which affects the quality not productivity of a software product.

Answer: – Quality of software may be defined as the need of function and Efficiency. Standard of development also described explicitly and expected or proposed benefit from the software that became developed. Success may be defined as a measurement of productivity. A number of factors are given below which gives the effects on quality and production capacity.

1.Management skill – For the better management of any projects experts needed at every level. The person who care the whole projects should be capable that he can check that all function working properly during the process of software development.

2.Competent program – If the competition level is high of a program in that case it effects on the quality and the capacity of productions.

3.Availability time – This type of techniques takes a long time its effects the quality and production capacity in the process of development of software.

4.Level of technology – Manpower is very necessary in both activity production and maintenance. We can help the help the system to improve the quality and quantity of product with the use of efficient tool of system. Cost of maintenance will be reducing by the using of high level technology.

5.Difficulty in production – If the complexity is find in more quantity in any kind of software design in that situation production capacity and performance of quality will be reduce.

6.Adequate training – If a staff or member of an organization has the basic knowledge of customer behavior then they can perform high quality of production with high quantity of software. Efforts of staff play a major role in production.

7.Availability of resources – For the better performance of quality and quantity it is necessary that required technology and experienced staff should be available. All required resources and tools should be available in the area of budget.

8.Numbers of programs – Every software has a limit of performance but if after that extra programs also jointed with that software then the performance of that software will be negative.

9.Understanding of problems – The level of program understanding should be high level and friendly because if the system does not understand the problem of user then it will give the negative impact on user mind. Due to this reason the production will be low and quality suffered.


:Define the meaning of quality assurance. Explain the role of testing in Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance in Software Testing is defined as a procedure to ensure the quality of software products or services provided to the customers by an organization. Quality assurance focuses on improving the software development process and making it efficient and effective as per the quality standards defined for software products. Quality Assurance is popularly known as QA Testing.

Software Quality Assurance•

Basic definitions: Software metrics: measures to determine the degree of eachquality characteristic attained by the product.•


-support software quality in multiple ways

-find problematic areas and bottlenecks in the software process

-help the software engineers assess the quality of their work

Software Reliability PDF Page 5.

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