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he portfolio will consist of two of your three essay drafts (Essay #1, #2, #3) significantly revised, plus at least a paragraph analysis for each, describing what you learned about writing from the various revisions to that particular paper. So, two papers plus two analysis paragraphs.

If you don’t revise the papers significantly, you grade will suffer.

The “Three-Strikes” penalty will be in play for your portfolio. If you ignore three of my comments or suggestions in one paper, your portfolio grade will be adversely affected. Carefully read through my comments on Perusall. (You can sort for Professor’s comments.) If you disagree with any of my suggestions on the graded paper, that’s fine. Just write a note in caps and parentheses at the spot in question, explaining specifically why you disagreed with me and chose not to make the change. That won’t count as a strike against you (although it may still affect your grade if the paper isn’t improved). I don’t mind being thoughtfully disagreed with, but I dislike being ignored . . . repeatedly.


You will also be required to write an analysis for each paper about what you learned from the assignment and the progression of drafts.

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