Environmental law is in the news all the time. Therefore, we ask that you keep an

eye on environmental law issues in the news during the course of this semester.

Each student shall turn in four 1-2 page papers (double spaced, 12-point Times

New Roman font with 1” margins) providing a synopsis of a current

environmental law topic in the news. Include references to your sources (at least

3 per paper). we do not care about what kind of citation format you use for your

sources, as long as we can tell what the source is, and how to get to it if we deem

necessary. Wikipedia is not a source, and you will not receive credit for any

synopsis which cites to Wikipedia. All papers must be turned in to instructor via

email at November 6, 2020. Grading is based on accuracy, readability, and following of

rules given herein

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