Use this video for the documentary here is link :

For this essay you will conduct thorough research on the topic of your choice, within the scope of your chosen documentary. This research should follow the topic you proposed and the research question you posed in Unit 4.

While researching, you will choose 7 resources to evaluate in your annotated bibliography. For each of these resources you must compose a paragraph (between 50-75 words each) summarizing the resource and evaluating its quality for the purpose of your research. You will basically be deciding why and how (and even if) this resource will help you in creating your final research essay. Please research not only your opinion on the topic but opposing positions as well, as you will need to discuss opposing viewpoints in your essay. The 7 resources must be composed of the following:

  • 2 scholarly articles (also referred to as academic articles or academic journals or peer-reviewed articles) (no dissertations or abstracts, please)
  • 2 websites or works from a website
  • 1 article from a periodical (newspaper or magazine—may be found in print or online)
  • 1 book (or chapter/part of a book)
  • 1 other kind of source, such as a film, a sound recording, or an interview; you may use your documentary as this source

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