SELECT one image that makes an argument. It can be a photograph of an event, an illustration or historical photo, a political cartoon, a work of art, graffiti, a place of presentation (like a political debate stage or TED talk stage), a symbol of socio-cultural issues (a Black Lives Matter image, a photo of flag-draped coffins of dead soldiers being brought home, a photo of suffering children, suffering animals, abused elders, over-whelmed hospital staff dealing with covid-19, so many others). Or maybe you find an image not on this list that says something powerful. Avoid marketing images unless it’s part of a larger commentary like comparing the advertised Big Mac to the real Big Mac that you just bought.

WRITE an analysis of the image you selected. Keep it informal for this assignment. I do not want you to submit a formal paper. I want you to explore the possibilities of the image you select.

Keep it under 300 words, so choose words carefully and make them work hard for you. Use the guide on page 148 to help you get started. What I want most of all is for you to describe the argument and explain why you think so.

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