Guide to Answering I.D. assignments.

In formulating your one-paragraph response, clearly identify the individual or the event in detail.

For example

1) who or what is under consideration?

2) Where is the setting that the individual or the event is shaping history?

3) Lastly, what is the significance of the individual or event under discussion? You must determine the significance of the event to get full credit.

You have to follow the guide ID and lecture to explain, if not, no point.

Explain the words according to the lecture and the request. Try to use your own words, don’t copy from the Internet

1 Erasmus

2 Thomas More

3 Martin Luther

4 Sale of Indulgence

5 Edict of Worms

6 Origins of the Pope (1545

7 Peasant’s Revolt

8 Peace of Augsburg

9 Ulrich Zwingli

10 Anabaptists

11 Millenarians

12 Henry VIII (England)

13 Predestination

14 Jesuits

15 Saint Bartholomew Massacre

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