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For this case study, you will review some prior terrorist attacks and select one to discuss for this assignment

For this case study, you will review some prior terrorist attacks and select one to discuss for this assignment

For this case study, you will review some prior terrorist attacks and select one to discuss for this assignment. You will discuss the reactions to the attack as well as the perpetrators, and you will discuss how such an attack may be prevented in the future.

To complete this case study, the tasks below must be accomplished.

1) Select and provide a summary of the terrorist attack. The attack may be on American soil or against American interests in another country.

2) Identify and describe the perpetrators. Think about the questions below.

a) What is their history?

b) Do they attack only American interests?

c) Where do they originate?

d) Is it a group or a single individual?

e) What are their goals?

f) How do they finance their terror?

3) Describe how the law enforcement community responded to the attacks to include the actions taken. Think about the questions below.

a) Did the United States pass any new laws?

b) Were the borders closed?

c) Was travel suspended?

d) Did a manhunt ensue?

e) Was there a shootout?

f) Was the community in danger?

g) Was the perpetrator apprehended; how?

h) What other strategies were used (e.g., technology, information sharing)?

4) Explain how such an attack may be prevented in the future. Think about the questions below.

a) What actions could the law enforcement community implement to thwart such attacks?

b) Could the community become involved in prevention efforts; if yes, how?

c) Could technology play a role?

d) Would the use of American allies be applicable?

e) Would knowledge of how they gain their weapons assist the counterterrorism efforts?

f) Could this type of attack occur again in the future, and is it probable?

g) Is this group still a threat; why, or why not?

This completed case study must be at least five pages in length, not counting the title page or references page. At least three academic sources must be used, one of which must come from the CSU Online Library. More references may be used as needed. The articles used must be peer-reviewed and be published within the past 5 years in a scholarly journal. The paper should follow APA guidelines to include citations, references, and appropriate headings and subheadings.

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