The diagram on the next page shows a hybrid single flash/binary geothermal power plant. The conditions at the wellhead are 28 kg/s, 2.5 MPa and 180oC. The pressure in the water cooled condenser is 10 kPa (at 4 and 5). The isobutane (at location 8) is heated to a temperature that is 6oC lower than the brine temperature coming from the separator (at 6). The isentropic efficiency of both turbines is 89%. The fluid is saturated liquid leaving both condensers. The isobutane must stay between 4 and 30 Bar pressures. Your task is to determine the optimal pressures in the system (the brine pressure after flash, and the two pressures in the binary portion). Compare the net power output and efficiency of the plant to determine the best pressures.

Write a summary report with an introduction, methodology, results and conclusions. Also, attach any hand calculations or spreadsheets to your work.

– I have attached some work I have done, you can continue and finish the problem.

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