The main objective of the assignment is to develop the knowledge of global and cultural systems and issues. For the assignment, you will identify and describe major global issues in financial markets and the effects of countrylevel risk. More specifically, you will analyze a U.S. manufacturer and provide solutions after developing a strong understanding of international financial management, exchange systems, and foreign currency derivatives. This assignment is an ideal problembased assignment in that it requires you to apply the knowledge and skills you learn throughout the semester. You will evaluate Blades (a manufacturer of roller blades) that has recently begun exporting roller blades to Thailand. This assignment asks you to compare global issues and analyze the exchange systems because Blades tries to reduce foreign exchange risk. In the assignment, you will provide the chief financial officer (CFO) of Blades a better understanding of the process of government intervention and its impact on Blades’ international business. Read Read the case and class slides carefully and answer the questions provided. You need to limit your Global Citizens Assignment in two pages using single space. Refer to the rubric for assessment in Canvas to know my grading criteria.

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