UUsUsingUsing thethe lilibrary, coursecourse mamaterialmaterials, texttextbook,and webWeb reresources, researchresearch the various grants listedlisted bbelowbelow BlockBlock grants,EEmploymentEmployment grants, ProgramProgram grants, TechTechnologyTechnology grants, CConstruction grants, ReResearch grantsgrants Address the follofollowfollowingfollowing in 2 pagespages For each typtypetype of grsnt, answeranswer thethe followingfollowing What is the purpose? ExplainExplain WWhatWhat are thethe advantages? ExplainExplain What areare thethe disadvantages? ExplainExplain ProvideProvide 1-2 examplesexamples ofof thethe type of grantgrant BeBe sure toto incluinclude anan introductionintroduction and a conclusion. ReferenceReference all sourcessources usingusing APA style

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