Directions: use the student sample provided as a guide to complete your assessment and correction of the error/errors in the sentence. You must correct all the errors in a sentence. Please highlight the error(s) in the ungrammatical sentence and how you fixed it/them in your corrected sentence. As this document is available on Canvas, please copy and paste the chart. Do not handwrite information in your grammar log. It must be typed.

Please note: the instructor will indicate your errors using specific abbreviations.

Requirements for each entry:

My ungrammatical sentence:

Please write the sentence exactly as it is written in your paper. You must write the complete sentence.

The grammar error:

After discovering the error, please name which error is present in the sentence.

My reasoning for making the error:

Attempt to explain why you made the error. Was it a mistake/typo? Did you misunderstand the rule? Was the error because of a rule in your native language?

Rule needed to fix the sentence:

Explain how to fix the error you have discovered. You must show you understand the rule and what the appropriate correction is and why.

My sentence corrected:

Please correct and rewrite your sentence here.

Instructor Comments:

Leave this space open for your instructor’s comments.


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