Now that you’ve read about ancient human history, offer your thoughts on Sissons longer historical scale of time. Write at least 1-2, but as many, paragraphs as you need for each question, relying upon Sissons for your answers.

1 – What is the consequence of humans being “placental mammals?”

2 – Oil and chalk? Who cares?

3 – What is “our fishy legacy” with regard to vertebrates?

4 – What was the impact of fire on our evolution according to Sissons?

5 – When do we sapiens seem to begin to attempt “abstract thought”?

6 – Whatever did happen to Neanderthal man?

7 – Who were these “little people”?

8 – How does the book argue the beginning of farming changed human history?

9 – What does it say about city life changing things for humanity?

10 – Given what you’ve learned here, and about recent history, what do you now think of humanity?

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