What evidence do we have to support Mark Peterson’s thesis that Bacon’s Rebellion primarily resulted from uneven distribution of land?

As you review the sources in this problem–the “Declaration,” the map, and the Background information–select 8-9 phrases, facts, or visual data that support Mark Peterson’s thesis that the system of land distribution around the Chesapeake Bay created a two-class society that came into open and violent dispute. Organize the evidence into 3 categories of arguments (concepts) about land (its acquisition and protection). Write the arguments in the left column of the Concepts and Evidence Chart. Next to each argument, list the appropriate supporting evidence. An example of this might be Concept: Wealthy people’s control of government allowed them to acquire more and better land and protect it. Evidence from the Background Information: The headright system allowed those who had enough wealth to buy indentured servants and, thus, acquire more land. Then locate 2 more pieces of evidence that show how the wealthy were acquiring and protecting their land with their control of the government.

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