Write a brief essay as a response for each questions. The essay should include relevant names, dates and events. The writing must be100% your own. DO NOT COPY from the internet or other published source. Your response should contains 3-4 paragraphs for each QUESTION with about 4-6 detailed sentence. NO REFERENCE!!!

Each question must be 3-4 paragraph in YOUR OWN WORD!!!

The questions is :

1) Who became president after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, why was his presidency ultimately unsuccessful, and what event destroyed his political power?

2) What happened at the Battle of Little Big Horn and the Battle of Wounded Knee? List each separately and include important names and dates?

3)Explain the Supreme Court case Plessy v. Ferguson, the impact of the decision, and its historical importance. Be sure to include all important names and dates?

4)Who was Pancho Villa, what did he do and where, why did the United States pursue him, and what was the outcome? Be sure to include important names, places, and dates.

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