Assignment #1: Research Specialty Care Paper :

HIV/AIDS Specialty Care for Pregnant women.

The paper must be in APA style and all in-text citations should be in APA format, with a

minimum of 6 pages and a maximum of 8 pages in double spaces not including the cover and

reference pages. You must upload it to Turnitin, only 6% similarity allowed.

All paper submitted must be in APA format according to Publication Manual American Psychological

Association (APA) (6th ed


A- Introduction 20%- Clearly identifies the topics, establishes goals and objectives of

presentation, Introduce clearly the topic.

B- Population and risk factors 10%- Population is clearly stated including possible risk factors and

medical history.

C- Research content EBP 20%-an excellent EBP provided. Followed the CDC recommendations

and evidences.

D- Education 10%- provide education including strategic tools and methods by following EBP


E- Body and content 20%- excellent body content and well-chosen topic, Easy to read with the

essential information throughout without mistakes , adequate length 6-8 pages plus

presentation page and references pages.

F- Conclusion.

G- References.

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