it is a research paper about aviation using the book (how we decide), the paper is is APA format, 4 pages at least.

+++++ the paper must answer the questions below+++++++


1.What is the most common trait used in decision making? Why is this potentially dangerous in the field of aviation?

2.How will this book and the understanding of the process of decision making affect the way I might make long and short term decisions when I am planning and executing a flight?

3.How do the predictions of dopamine affect aviation decision making?

4.Describe some of the physiological aspects of the brain with relation to the decision-making process (e.g. how different parts of the brain influence the process).


my major is aviation and i am a commercial pilot please write the essay accordingly.

also please see the attached book to help you answer the questions above. And if you like to add examples please use sources that are related to aviation

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