1.Keep all questions in the same format that will serve as your heading for your answers. DO NOT edit out the question nor embed it within your narrative.

2.All key concepts are to be bolded and all examples clearly identified within each question.

3.Double space all work and adhere to APA writing.

Supporting evidence:

Evidence from the textbook and other credible resources must be included for all factual statements using in-text-citations as well as a full reference in APA at the end of each question. Refer to APA formatting guide as needed.

Paper length:

The length of your answers will vary. Be careful to accurately answer the questions you select. Think quality first and the number of pages will follow. You will not be graded higher for more pages written, but you will be graded lower for not making connections or neglecting to support with evidence.

Questions: Answer the two following questions in full:

1. “Why do we do what we do and why don’t’ we do what we should do” was a central question that was presented at the beginning of the semester. Using the information presented from the “Introduction to Health Behaviors” slide deck, discuss how three causal model can influence individual health behaviors.

(The three causal models are: Reciprocal Causation, Precede-Proceed Framework, and Social Ecological Model in the slides)

2. Review the three researches presented, How COVID-19 Affects Different Populations in the US; AI in Healthcare; and Obesity Crisis in America and discuss underlying behaviors that impact this. Be specific and support your answer.

Please make connections with textbook or other credible resources for both questions!

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