Political leader: Abraham Lincoln

Main focus: How the leader has influenced the team/group/org. What impact is created by the leader on his/her followers

prepare a based upon the qualities and shortcomings, traits and styles of these leaders.

Assignment Objective

In this project, you will compare the leadership competencies, choices and actions of the leaders team members will pick. You may choose a leader that you know, a leader you have access to, or you may choose a well-known leader whose leadership you would like to learn more about. Consider individuals who are some ways have made an impact to business organizations or communities. Sources for this report should include readings, videos, interviews, and instructor notes from this course, as well as other published, credible sources.

This paper must be 8 ‒ 10 double-spaced pages in length with one-inch margins, follow APA guidelines, and include readings or interviews as well as other published, credible source

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