If you look at the example sample paper on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (attached to the Research Brief Assignment), the sections of the literature review are (Knowledge & Beliefs about FASD, Social Barriers to Abstention, and Self-Efficacy to Abstain). Just one of these sections would be an example of what you would write and turn in (Please do not submit the text from your introduction for this assignment). Example is in the file, please read carefully! Please attach a properly formatted APA reference sheet for any of the sources cited in the section. The literature review should be two pages.

Please see the rubric below to see how I will assess your literature review section:

1. All primary research studies are clearly related to the subtopics

2. Nine Individual study summaries are focused on the actual findings from the study that are most relevant to the subtopics. Basic information about each study’s method is briefly included to help the reader understand the nature of the evidence being reported.

3. Section is well organized and written (clear, concise, minimal use of passive voice, free of typos, spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical errors).

4. APA citation method is used for all sources. Formatting of reference page is correct.

Here is my topic and the literature that I chose. Please use all my content for this essay.

Topic: The Effects of Social Media on Promoting the Marketing of Local Small Businesses (The purpose of this research report is to explore the impact of social media on local company marketing. The researchers intend to focus on market coverage and the impact of consumer interactions. This will help the company choose the right marketing channels and activities.

Please put the nine literature reviews into these two subtopics:

1. Social Media Marketing and Its Impacts on Companies

2. The Future of Marketing on Social Media For Local Small Business


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