What is the difference between Project Scope and Product Scope?

Using an example or examples explain how they might differ from each other, for any one of the below given five stages of Project_Scope_Management:

  1. Plan Scope Management
  2. Collect Requirements
  3. Define Scope
  4. Create WBS
  5. Validate Scope
  6. Control Scope

E.g. In the Collect Requirements process: For products you might have user stories, product requirements documents etc. And for a project you might focus on documenting and managing stakeholders needs and requirements. So, come up with a product example(s) within a project (or separately) and help me understand how processes for product scope and project scope may differ.

Word limit – 400 – 500 words

Font size: 11

Max line space: 1.5 need unique doc 0 plagiarism.

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