Interview a social worker (MSW, LMSW, LCSW), LAPC, or LPC by phone or in person and find out what tools are used to complete assessments at the facility or facilities of which they currently are employed. This can be a mental health facility, medical facility, any social service agency, or private practice. Write a 5 or more-page paper (APA format and no less than 8 references) regarding the assessment process from beginning to end. Describe the tool or tools that are used to gather information to work with clients. Provide ways that the tools are used at the facility and ways that they can be used according to research to possibly help strengthen clients or ways to help with the stabilization of clients. Last, describe who the agency provides services to by age or ages, and mention if there is treatment team who is a part of the assessment process (doctors, nurses, case workers, discharge planners, etc) and what their roles are.

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