We are writing a paper on a brotherly owned produce business. The brothers names are George and Anthony. We need someone to edit the paper, make it sound more professional, add in some details that you think sound nice.

We also need about 5-7 sentences about Georges brother Anthony. Anthony went to college and learned all about online marketing, advertising and what it takes being an entrepreneur. Hes looked up to his brother George growing up and when George needed Anthonys help he was there for him and couldn’t be happier. Let your imagination go for these 5-7 sentences. Anthony is Goerges younger brother who is running advertising for George and helps with logistics.

I have provided the paper. Someone just needs to edit the paper, spruce it up and make it sound professional, maybe add a couple sentences here and there. And also at some point incorporate Georges younger brother Anthony who joined the business right when it started.

This should be a very easy assignment and should not take long at all I would think.

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