I need help piecing together a quality essay on the topic “The US Electoral College is Just as Relevant Now as It Was in Its inception.” I can’t seem to get on board with the topic, and I need your assistance. I understand its purpose during the industrial era, but I’ve trouble wrapping my head around its role in a modern-day government. It’s challenging for me to write an essay on an idea I find myself disagreeing with, given that many electorates aren’t mandated to follow the popular vote in their region and possibly select any candidate of their choosing. The presence of an electoral college almost negates the need for voting.

Most critics argue for the electoral college’s existence and point to its role in preventing runoffs and national recounts. Still, it’s a tool that can undermine the basis of democracy if left unchecked. An outline of an argumentative essay would be helpful to me. Such a write-up would provide me with the guidance I need to develop my main arguments and strategically drive them home to the readers.

Currently, few US citizens advocate for this electoral system, with many either against or indifferent. Do I need to put down this information? I wouldn’t want to make my essay come off as one that’s actually against the idea of electoral colleges while I’m supposed to justify its relevance in today’s world.

While writing an argumentative essay, I understand that you have to create counterarguments; I could use some help coming up with some on this topic. Also, trying to distinguish between an argumentative essay and an expository essay is giving me a headache. Are there any rules I’d need to follow, such as tenses or structure? What should be my word count for my essay to not border on being an expository essay?

When using quotes in my essay, do I have to write out the entire text or only the phrases relevant to my argument? I’ll also need to state that citations have never been my folly; please don’t hold back any tips on properly citing text sources. I’ll appreciate some help with this project.

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