Create a PowerPoint on the chapter motivation from Style the style book. Also create a separate word document that’s a handout that’s is effective useful.

 must be a 10-12 minute multimedia presentation of a Style chapter

Your presentation should include narrated slides or equivalent multimedia designed to convey:

(a) key concepts/terms from the chapter

(b) the main points of the chapter

(c) examples to help us understand and use these concepts and main points

(c) the applications of the chapter to work, school, and community/personal life

(d) your response or reflections on the chapter

Your presentation should also include an attached handout designed to help students engage with your presentation and use the material in their own work and lives. Key terms should be explained and defined, as well as the main points and examples to help us understand and use these ideas in our own lives.

The majority of your presentation should be summarizing what you find to be the major points of the chapter (main ideas, key points). You should also clearly focus on the specific applications of the ideas and materials you are sharing.

The book is attached. The presentation is only on the chapter that disused motivation. Scroll to 112. Must include entire chapter for the PowerPoint

Ensure you have notes on the PowerPoint or a script

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