Read the attached case. It provides details with respect to a dismissal in a unionized environment. Like all case studies, you may find that there are gaps in the information provided. This is just like real life. You may wish to make assumptions; just be sure you state them clearly. Prepare a written submission that details the Employer’s position on the dismissal. written submission should be based on information contained in-class materials/discussion as well as other sources of information. Please use similar cases and applicable laws when discussing the employers position and reasons for why the employee should be dismissed.

The paper will be graded based on the following criteria:

The scoring will be assigned on a holistic basis in consideration of the following elements:

The length, grammar, language, etc. of the paper

Use of reference materials such as the applicable laws, similar cases, appropriate resource materials, course materials, etc.

The degree to which the questions posed were answered

Is the presentation/submission complete, logical, comprehensive, and clear

The actual recommendations/conclusions and their rationale

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